Исполнитель: Xero Focus
Альбом: Tribute to Linkin Park (4CD Remixes)
Год выхода: 2006
Время: 3ч 54м 2с
Качество: 128-320кб/с
Размер: 370.24 MB

Мега вещь. 4 Альбома ремиксов на Linkin Park от Xero Focus. Есть очень интерестные треки всем фанам Линкинов советую.
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CD 1
Xero Focus: A Tribute To Linkin Park Media Collectors:
01. Intro.06 [Let's Try Something Else Remix]
03. Faint [Time Warp Remix]
04. P5hng Me A*wy [Dark Beat Remix]
05. Points Of Authority [Super Demo Remix]
06. Stick'N'Move [Extreme Guitar Remix]
07. Kyur4 Th Ich [Mirror Image Remix]
08. Don't Stay [Robo Remix]
09. In The End [Instriano Remix]
10. Hit The Floor [Through The Skull Remix]
11. Carousel [Fool Yourself Remix]
12. 1stp Klosr [Shut Up And Break Remix]
13. Outromental [Part Of The Itch Remix] … s.rar.html

CD 2
Xero Focus Vol. 2: Reanimated Focus:
01. Itchy Intro [The Curable Session Remix]
02. High Voltage [Shake The Shock Remix]
03. Ppr:Kut [The Face Inside Remix]
04. Part Of Me [Orchestronical Remix]
05. It's Going' Down [Album In Stores Soon Remix]
06. Ntr/Mssion [Call Me Up Remix]
07. Nobody's Listening [Bassline Remix]
08. Figure.09 [Fade Away Remix]
09. Breaking The Habit [Chaotic Instrumentation Remix]
10. Runaway [Gotta Danceaway Remix]
11. Forgotten [Reanimated Demos Remix]
12. A.06 [Hit The Loop Remix]
13. Dedicated [I Have A Dream Remix]
14. And One [Da Agent & Kid Remix]
15. By Myself [Super Assault Remix]
16. Numb [Beautiful Attack Remix]
17. Outrique [Sessional Exercise Remix] … s.rar.html

CD 3
Xero Focus Vol. 3: Storms, Constellations, And Meteoras:
01. Intrology [Explosion Remix]
02. Numb [Space Dance Remix]
03. Plc.4 Mie Haed [Sick Of Going Away Remix]
04. My December [Electro Snow Remix]
05. Wth>You [The Ultimate Sacrifice Remix]
06. Session [47th Degree Remix]
07. By Myself [Breakdown Remix]
08. P5hng Me A*wy [Triad Remix]
09. Breaking The Habit [Maximum Potential Remix]
10. Papercut [Wrong Answer Remix]
11. One Step Closer [First Time ACID User Remix]
12. Ntr/Mssion [Call Me Up Again Remix]
13. Step Up [Twisted Remix]
14. Lying From You [Unyielding Bass Remix]
15. Enth E Nd [Hyper String Remix]
16. It's Going Down [Phased Out Remix]
17. Outrology [Implosion Remix] … s.rar.html

CD 4
Xero Focus Vol. 3B: The Dark Side Of The Meteora:
01. In The End [Another Untitled Remix]
02. Somewhere I Belong [Talking It Out Remix]
03. From The Inside [Guitars In The Cathedral Remix]
04. Pts.Of.Athrty [Six Factions Remix]
05. Easier To Run [Backward Memory Remix]
06. Don't Stay [Dark Horse Remix]
07. System [Whirlwind Remix]
08. High Voltage [Hip Hop Shit Remix] … a.rar.html

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